Quantum Hologramic Bio-Cybernetics in Venezuela.

     Since November 2002, Dr. Pedro A. Paredes has been applying this therapy in Venezuela. 

The address of his clinic is:
     El Recreo Medical and Dentistry Centre, calle Coromoto, between Av. Casanova and Venezuela, Bello Monte -Caracas.

Tels. 952.3064 and 952.7160 - Email: paredespa@cantv.net


“I am 83 years old and for the past month and a half I have had strong pains in my legs due to an inflammation in the sciatic nerve, and I have not been able to walk and have had to lean on something to do so. I was hospitalised in a clinic and after spending a lot of money I did not see any result.
     On the recommendation of several people who told me about a therapy performed by Dr. Pedro Paredes, I went to his clinic and he used it on me, and by the second session I had already lost 80% of the pain.
     Thanks to God, to Dr. Pedro Paredes and his therapy, I feel well”. 

Aníbal Rodríguez.  
Tel.:-O414-3708144.  –January 2004-


     “This therapy should be applied to any sick or healthy person, as it improves and cures states of tension and anguish, as well as eliminating chronic or acute problems”

Dr. María H L. 
(Biologist)   Caracas. Tel.: 541.5005. 


“It is very good because it enables total balancing, which makes you think it moves energies, results are seen very fast. It is a complete therapy and not painful, which makes the patient feel very comfortable and enthusiastic about continuing.”

Psych. Daisy F. de Romero. 
Tel.: 312-5346


“I have had pains in my joints for three years, without being able to do any kind of activity. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I underwent several treatments and only slightly improved, as I still had pains and serious difficulty in moving. I went to be treated with this new therapy (BCQH) and it has been very beneficial. I have felt better since the first sessions of treatment and have been able to move without taking medicines –Thank God-. I am sure I am going to be cured.”

Silvia Contreras Tel.: 0294-775.1482 
–Yaguaraparo. Edo. Sucre.


“I have suffered from headaches from a very early age. A few months ago I had Guillain-Barré syndrome and, more recently, facial palsy. I have received five treatments with QHBC. I am three months pregnant. For the moment my headaches have not come back and my face has improved a great deal. I do not take medication as I did before. Thanks to God and to Dr. Paredes and his therapy.”

Glorisa Contreras. Tel.: 0414-293.8315
Los Teques. Edo. Miranda.


     “After suffering from acute leukaemia and receiving chemotherapy for six months, which left considerable damage in my body (muscular pains, fatigue etc.), I am now receiving Quantum Hologramic Bio-Cybernetics and I have felt great improvement in my pain and emotional state. I feel stronger, with a greater will and more energy.”

Cruz Vargas de Bermúdez
Tel.: 0239-212.4535. Cúa 13-10-2003


     “I have twice suffered a haemorrhagic stroke in a short time, the second time being more severe than the first and leaving me in a wheelchair.  With the therapy, in 2 months I was able to leave the chair and begin walking with a frame. Now after several months of treatment, I can walk without a stick. –I am well- Thanks to God and to Dr. Paredes with his therapy.” 

Alicia Méndez. de González
Tel.: 0212-383.1452. 0416-710.2846


    “With QHBC you achieve harmony in total plenitude. This therapy is a very particular experience in each individual”.

Med. Dr. Luisa M. Pino
Tel.: 741-7859

     Mr. Simón Belmont
, after 30 years of Parkinson’s disease tells us after five sessions: “I feel very satisfied in the short time I have been being treated with Quantum Hologramic Bio-Cybernetics”. 

 Tel.: 751.1989

“It is a very beneficial therapy. It enables patients to maintain their physical and mental equilibrium without the use of drugs. In me it has given very good results. I have suffered from vertigo and cervicoarthrosis for 20 years. Today, after several treatments with QHBC, I have found that I can do things I could not before and believe that I will be cured in the end”.

Prof. Ana González. 
Tel.: 0286-931.8435. Cdad. Guayana.