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The perfect coincidence of the different vibrations of the "strings" and the order and form of the yinn (-) matter trigrams leaves no doubt as to the importance of the Universal Periodic Table attributed to Emperor Fu-Hji and to the explicit knowledge in the hands of the sages of yesteryear. The Yinn (-) monograms are represented by two equidistant points, which means a vibrating string held in the fingers or on supports at each enda, the two visible points of which are the part which is stationary. On the other hand, the Yang monograms are represented by a line meaning the string at rest. The drawing we refer to shows four different vibratory moments, set out in the order in which the different vibrations may be induced in a string. The drawings fit perfectly into the layout and the form of the four Yin matter trigrams of the Fu Xi equation. The fourth Yin trigram makes up a single body together with the fifth, which is considered Yang. Curiously, the vibratory form of the drawing of the fourth string obeys the integrated form of the two trigrams.

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