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A corrector of the errors in the psychosomatic system


No pills, no products, no electricity, no pain, and no side effects.

QHBC is a kind of medicine used to modify the radiation emitted by the psycho-somatic system around the body expanding in all directions. Experience has revealed that this radiation comes from the anatomical area occupied by the cerebellum and that it pulsates (expands and contracts). The radiation is a type of information projected outside a person in the form of an image of their overall state, and therefore of their state of health. We can make use of the coming and going of the information to correct it on its return journey and introduce some elements containing the structure of coherent bio-information, which is what comprises the patient's radiation. The modified radiation returns to the area of the cerebellum and stimulates the bio-cybernetic (mind) and the bio-energy or homeostatic (body) systems to enable an individual to return to good health.

In the adjustment, the bio-cybernetician (the name given to the therapist using this technique) returns the "leaks" to the cerebellum area. These are the extremely subtle elements and are themselves the bio-cybernetic information of the whole bio-system. All parts and elements of the body emit a kind of subtle, beating radiation, and this is also used in the therapy.
Application of the therapeutical method requires the use of the six pulses in the patients’ wrists.

Quantum Hologramic Bio-Cybernetics is a universal kind of medicine that understands that patients must be contemplated as a psychosomatic whole and not as a series of disassociated parts and illnesses.

Based on the analogical bio-information, which is described at a later stage of this report, this technique covers a wide therapeutical spectrum and is not only effective as a corrective therapy but is useful too as a prophylactic medicine.


The elements used in the therapeutical technique containing the so-called analogical bio-information were created in a laboratory by physical means through the application of an original formula, bringing together various processes needed to develop the eight signals the form of trigrammatical figures (BA GUA) of the drawings-equations mythically attributed to the wisdom of two Chinese emperors FU XI and WEN WANG, constituted of the YIN-Yang binary digital system (vibrating monograms – YIN- or static -Yang-), in biotic form waves. These signals are really the code or the mechanism which structures the formation of the Universe and life itself. Developed suitably, these drawings are grouped in compliance with the radiation emitted by each of the elements of the body, their functions and their corresponding bio-energy levels, which comprise our psychosomatic system (Spirit-Mind-Body). This system includes the cells making up the tissues, with all of their biochemical content, the organs and the remaining elements which complete a living body and allow individuals to carry out certain functions and adapt to their surroundings. However, the body structure could not carry out its function if it were not driven by the mind; this reflects the existence of a spirit or soul in each individual and is the Bio-Software program, which enables the body to exist and function (see Fu Xi image) (see Wen Wang image).

Developed in this way, the code corrects the errors of the psychosomatic system on all levels, as it is the same image that forms all living beings.

The bio-software mechanism has been found in the area of the cerebellum, although it is not the cerebellum itself that emits the waves, but rather an extraordinarily subtle element that the space has in common.The waves or radiation emitted from this area, expanding in all directions outside the soma, have been detected by the elements used in the therapy as well as the signals from the patient’s pulses, and the radiated bio-information contains a complete image of the state of the individual.

We can make use of this coming and going of an individual’s beating bio-information to correct it outside the body, by placing elements in its path that contain an analogical image of the same bio-information, but in perfect equilibrium.

The modified radiation returns to the area of the cerebellum and activates the bio-cybernetic systems, which work on the bio-energy system to enhance its natural resources of alertness, defense and psychosomatic restitution, so that the patients might use the extent of their regenerative ability to return to good health.

The therapy may be applied totally risk-free in all kinds of patients with the exception of people with pacemakers. Quantum Hologramic Bio-Cybernetics has been in use since March 1987 and has been applied more than 23,000 times with no side effects other than the slight alterations classically associated with the healing process. Satisfactory outcomes have been achieved in a large majority of cases and further details of the therapeutical results of the technique are given further on.

When Quantum Hologramic Bio-Cybernetics is applied, the subject's subtle bio-cybernetic system, the psyche (the Software or Spirit), the element that is in fact conciousness, the final receiver of all the feelings received through the five senses and the emotions, is activated and has repercussions on the other, organic bio-system, through the neuro-vegetative mechanism, the brain (the tangible Hardware or Matter), which projects its function over the whole organism. In this way both entities, the psychic and somatic aspects, initiate and amplify their respective retroactive functions (bio-feedback and homeostasis respectively) enabling individuals as a whole to enhance their restitutive properties and restore their psychosomatic equilibrium and harmonic compass with respect to the Cosmo-Universe.




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