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Living beings, and in our case human beings, are made up in a form with double duality; the first comprises the Spirit and Matter – the Psyche and the Soma – and the second is that of their own genesis, the Cosmo-Universe that created them and the center of which generates their whole evolutionary cycle in the form of a quantic manifestation, an integral image of their creator. Without this dual premise of four aspects, it would not be possible to understand their existence or, therefore, their health.

Living beings are in perfect analogy with the Cosmo-Universe, where the Universal aspect is what is subtle (the spirit of creation, the infrastructure of the Whole –the Hologram -), and the Cosmos what is blatant (the soma- matter). As a result, living beings must necessarily respond to the laws of their progenitor, the Cosmo-Universe, and must therefore enter an analogy of form, union and equilibrium between the creator duality and the parts that distinguish it as such, the spirit and the soma. In other words, a living structure must stay within the biorhythmic compass of its Creator, as it forms part of the same, if not, if the Unit and the Creator become dissociated, the synchronicity between the living being (microcosmos) and the Cosmo-Universe (macrocosmos) could not be correctly established, to the detriment of the unit’s health. The selection mechanism of the elements of the Universe would tend to eliminate it and it would become sick.

With respect to this, one of the Chinese texts of the book SU WEN is of interest, where the Yellow Emperor HUANG DI explains: "In the beginning, humanity lived happily without falling ill because individuals had not yet engendered desire, envy, jealousy and selfishness in their hearts, which would reduce them to individuality (what divides and destroys) dissociating them from their Cosmo-Universal progenitor. This division would inevitably affect their own duality (psyche and some) as an added ill. Their goodwill (the union of the four aspects) would keep them from falling sick".

It would seem that the text attributed illness only to feelings or psychism, and did not directly refer to any somatic cause as a main one. According to the text by HUANG DI, the whole problem of health has its origin in the degree of erroneous perception, or the way an individual feels, in the mental area and awareness, the effects of which manifest themselves in his or her behavior. For this reason, the minds of individuals weakened and their bodies lost their necessary equilibrium and their relationship with the Cosmo-Universal Whole was broken down. Humanity, once stripped of its characteristics due to anomalous behavior, was cast aside to chance at the mercy of the energies reigning in the surroundings, and as it could not assimilate these energies correctly, it suffered significant imbalances in its psychosomatic system and began to fall sick. This situation has been maintained to our days.


Modern science presents data that could be related to the description made by HUANG DI of the decadence of the human race. Such data would explain the change in the behavior and health of individuals, a phenomenon which that appear to have extended to all living beings on the rest of the planet. For instance, scientific media have explained how the living cell of amino acids is synthesized with ribonucleic acid (RNA), where each amino acid is coded in RNA by a unit made up of three of four possible nucleotides of Adenine (A), Cytosine (C), Guanine (G) and Uracil (U). The amino acids coded in RNA are formed of "words" of three "letters" called codons, using the alphabet A, C, G, U. For example, the codon UAC is Tryptophane. There are 4 to the power of 3 = 64 different codons. However, while some are coded for the same amino acid, a majority do not contain genetic information, which could be representative of a serious anomaly in the genetic system if it is understood that this 64 codon model does not work to full capacity. In other words is, our genetic make up could be deficient as amino acids are only coded in a minimum number of the 64 possibilities available, where the codons give repeated amino acids, which would more considerably restrict the creation of these elements. This deficiency might explain why individuals present behavioral disorders accompanied by an alteration of their state of health, as, amongst other things, their perceptive properties would be diminished and they would therefore be unable to correctly carry out their function in their biospherical habitat and react negatively as a result. The destruction of the environment by the human race could be a response to its difficulty in understanding its true role on Earth.

In fact there are two possibilities; either the genetic structure was affected by unknown causes at some time in human existence, or the opposite, that the mechanism is still being formed.

Nevertheless, the description made by HUANG DI is very similar to other descriptions that can be found in ancient texts, including the Bible in its reference to the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise caused by an anomaly in their behavior, the meaning of the episode with the apple. In the biblical description, we can clearly perceive that the "punishment" also involves a loss of natural faculties, and so this could lead us to believe that the anomaly in the genetic bases is closer to the first idea (that there has been a reason for its deterioration), and not the second, which is far more comfortable for modern scientific language.

It is also curious that the data supplied by modern science coincide numerically with figures from the most ancient Chinese knowledge, which is the information that has been used in the development of the analogical bio-information on which QHBC is based. This is the 64 combinations of the Yi Jing hexagrams.

The trigrams (codons) are actually hexagramatical, as each is a form wave with six loops, including two different states in a single hexagram; this is their hexagramatical, and therefore dual, nature (see "six loops" image).

Only eight of the 64 hexagramatical trigrams are visible in the FU XI equation, which represent the most stable form waves in the series of the 64 Yi Jing combinations. The remaining hexagramatical trigrams are those which carry out the energy exchange of seven mutational phases needed (the tunnel effect described by modern science) to run into the following stable trigram, which gives us eight hexagramatical trigrams per state, and therefore 8 x 8 = 64 (a phenomenon which is explained in detail during the seminar of introduction to the therapeutical method). Also using the FU XI equation, it is possible to extract the whole of biochemistry, which is something that will be described at a later stage of this report.

An analogy between ancient and modern day science may be seen in the workings of the psychosomatic system and computers. When talking about the various types of error corrector codes in computer science, and given that it is errors which condition the human status and health, a relationship may be established, for instance, based on the "Klein Curve " which, drawn as a euclid plane, is defined by a finite body of eight elements (the FU XI equation is made up of eight trigrams, as is the WEN WANG drawing). This plane contains 8 x 8 = 64 points (a further reference to the Yi Jing). The number of points on the Klein curve is 24 (the number of the sum of the monograms of the eight trigrams of each of the equations) which allows an error corrector code to be built, which transforms words of 3 letters (trigramatical) into words of 24 letters (again, the sum of the monograms in each equation) (see "Klein Curve" image) (see Yi Jing-Yi-King-image)

Given the etiology of the problem of health described by HUANG DI and the description of genetics made by modern science, we might conclude that any symptom pathology could be explained by this anomalous response of individuals caused by the genetic failure, which prevents them from correctly perceiving their existential state. It is therefore from this decadent state that spirit and matter come into conflict with each other and also with the Cosmo-Universe. Human beings must organize to defend themselves against these health disorders by developing therapeutical techniques to palliate, reduce or control their state of health with certain degrees of success. This curiously brings humans closer and closer to the discovery of their origins and their lost identity. Will we ever manage to recover it?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), including acupuncture, is the kind of technique that could serve as a reference. The description of the energy of the body that it provides is an extremely important, extraordinary example of the knowledge the Chinese had of the workings of the body and, as a result, of its health.

However, the ancient Masters went much further and in the integral development of Universal knowledge, they provided the bases and scientific material necessary for the development of even more advanced techniques, so that, in the same knowledge of bio-energy, further advancement might be made towards a more final solution in the recovery of the lost universal state of harmony. Quantum Hologramic Bio-Cybernetics is based on all of this knowledge. It is used as a corrector of the errors of the psychosomatic system to allow individuals, on entering into resonance with the analogical bio-information, to stimulate their bio-cybernetic or bio-energy properties, their own bio-information, and significantly increase their synchrony with the lost referential, their identity with the Cosmo-Universe and with their own duality, which will enable them to recover and maintain a good state of health.




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