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Among its many other important aspects, the equational drawing of FU XI intrinsically contains the genesis making up biochemistry, the signal of each of the four elements which are essential for life, the nitrogenated elements. These four elements are distributed as underlying information in the eight trigrams and are repeated in the two phases, the YIN (matter, negative polarity) and Yang (antimatter, positive polarity) in the set order in negative phase: Hydrogen (H), Carbon (C), Nitrogen (N) and Oxygen (O), repeating the positive phase in the same order.

Once these four elements (H, C, N and O), are distributed in their four corresponding signal-trigrams, if we carry out a form of kinetic gravitation imitating the electromagnetic corollary of the atom described by Nobel Prize-winner Niels Bohr, we obtain the four bases of DNA: Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine and Thymine as well as Uracil, the element replacing Thymine in RNA. If we later redistribute these elements in the FU XI equation, but this time leaving out Nitrogen (placing only the three remaining elements Hydrogen, Carbon and Oxygen in the equation, suitably distributed and repeated through the eight trigrams), in the set order: negative phase H, H, C, O, / positive phase C, H, O, O, and we carry out a further gravitation, the formulae of the lipids and glucides appear together with the whole of biochemistry as expressed in the Krebs cycle. This fact alone demonstrates that the equation comprises the complete code of the creation of the Cosmo-Universe and consequently, of living beings. We might thus affirm that the FU XI equation represents a true Universal Periodic Table used several thousand years ago by this oriental civilization and that it was lost in time and is now gradually recovering its identity. An extraordinary, advanced design element which would probably, if used by modern science, surpass the usefulness of Mendelejev’s periodic table of elements in modern day knowledge.(see the Adenine and Guanine gravitation image), (see the Cytosine gravitation image), (see the Uracil and Thymine gravitation image), (see the first lipids and glucides gravitation image), (see to begining the Eritrose gravitation image), (see to beginig the Gliceral Dehyde gravitation image).

Among many other things, each trigrams of the Fu Xi drawing also corresponds to the bio-energy frequency value of each of the eight main acupunture meridia and colors, in the set order: (Ren Mai -infrared- neutrino, Taitin -yellow- proton, Shaoyin -red- electron, Jueyin -blue- neutron, Shaoyang -green- antineutron, Yangming -white- positron, Taiyang -black- antiproton and Du Mai -ultraviolet- antineutrino). This is the significance of these elements that make up the Fu Xi Universal Periodic Table as an equation, when establishing their relationship with the bio-energy parameters of livings beings. The trigrams, among other aspects of life, represent the three embryonic layers, the endoderm, the mesoderm and the ectoderm, as well as the nucleus, the cytoplasm and membranes of the cells. The ternary representation of the trigrams reaches the idea of the fetus, the fetal fluid and the placenta. There are also three basic elements to the atom: the proton, neutron and electron; the kinetics of the creation of the Universe is ternary. The Trinity.

By applying its own technique, the FU XI equation culminates in the drawing traditionally attributed to Emperor WEN WANG. This transformation is a kind of quantum entropy or energy metabolism of the first, which sets up a new equational design in which the primary or fundamental structure of living beings, spirit and conscience, together with the organs and their functions, appears. This is but the coherent explanation given by ancient Chinese sages of the transformation of the primary constituent biochemical elements of the Universe into living structures.
The second equation, which is far more complex than the first, develops living structures with their bio-energy system and represents the operation of the whole body. The distribution of its eight trigrams relates to the acupuncture energy channel frequencies, known as the "Wonderful Vessels", and contains the bio-energy frequency and carries forward the entire energy value of its predecessor, the energy potential of FU XI. the bio-energetic information of the main meridia (channels).

These two equation-drawings together contain all the digito-analogical information of which the psychosomatic system (Spirit and Matter) is integrally composed.

Both equations constitute a kind of interactive symbiosis revealing the spectrum of the Universal Whole and its Duality. They are, at the same time, representative on a cosmic scale of the two dimensional aspects governing the law of the relativity of Creation in cosmic terms: the Macrocosmos, which is represented by FU XI and the Microcosmos as represented by WEN WANG.

The ancient Chinese sages certainly found a clever way to transmit the Universal Knowledge to our times.



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