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The basis of Quantum Hologramic Bio-Cybernetics

The development of Quantum Hologramic Bio-Cybernetics started with the criterion that both the Universal Equation of FU XI and that of WEN WANG obeyed the true description given in the information, and that, as a result, together they might be a kind of fully computerized mechanism, a kind of holo-transmitter, in which each of the trigrams had to be understood as a transmitter-emitter identified with the holo-frequential signal of the background code of the subtle structure configuring and sustaining the Universe. Furthermore, starting with its digital design in the form of bar codes (another form of information), the trigrams also remind us of a kind of undulatory form wave.

Given the Universal significance of these Equations and their holo content, I realized that, far beyond what was already known of them, there had to be a formula which would enable them to be extracted from theory (subjective) and allow the essential product (objective) of the trigrams to be obtained by the development of a certain technique. A formula that would allow the eight trigrams of each of the two equations to be transformed into biotic information by translating them into potential form waves.

After several months working on this idea and studying the essence of the equation in all its senses, the fruits of this laborious work appeared and enabled the bases to be set that would give way to the development of the system itself. Results achieved through clinical practice show without a doubt that if the trigrams are developed in form waves as a bio-analogical signal, a model of the potential information is constituted, which stimulates the correct redressing of the bio-information in living beings.

According to some of the ancient texts preserved in China, the base holo-information of the Universe appeared before the Universe itself, as the generation of the Cosmo Universe had to obey the pre-existence of another element. Scientists have not said in vain that "what moves the parts is more important than the parts themselves". The grand master Lao-Thse says, in one of his texts, that the Cosmo Universe is finite and beyond this there is the Whole. Could this refer to the base information of the Universe, which might exist outside its borders?

The signal of the bio-holo-information contained in the elements used in the therapy appears in two versions: Bio-Cybernetic (psyche -subtle-) and Bio-energy (somatic -tangible-). The question is reproducing the information in equilibrium which assists and gives life to living beings, in other words, the coherent state.

Although everything in existence, including ourselves as spirits and our physical bodies, are made up of this holo-information in one way or another, each individual in creation, may self-govern their own order or psychosomatic equilibrium, which must also be in harmony with the rest of the universal whole. If this is not the case, as living beings we will enter the spiral in which our system will deteriorate and simply fall ill.

In QHBC, it is possible that the system of information may be developed to an extent that today we are unable to calculate. This is why the development process of new parameters and forms is unceasing, as we believe the formula is capable of reaching degrees of maturity that will surprise future generations.

As Nobel prize winner ALEXIS CARREL said, “Medical progress does not lie in the construction of bigger and better hospitals, or bigger and better factories of pharmaceutical products. It depends on the appearance of a few persons with imagination, on their meditation in the silence of laboratories, on the discovery, beyond the proscenium of chemical structures, of the physical and mental mysteries”.



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