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The Quantum

Traditionally known as trigram, the quantum is the information which “moves the parts”. It is not energy as such, but rather the information which controls energy.

From the Yi Jing (Book of Mutations)
“The wind blows on the lake... stirring the surface of the water...
in the same way, the visible effects of invisible are revealed.”

The trigrams are made up of a form wave with six bends: three are subtle information and are found in the imperceptible area of the beating information and the other three are the materialized manifestation or the reply of the "beat" of the imperceptible aspect in projection or manifesting itself in material form. This phenomenon has already been detected by certain scientists, who define it in the following way, saying "What moves the parts is more important than the parts themselves". The imperceptible subtle aspect governs the perceptible blatant aspect. In living beings the information or imperceptible subtle beating is represented by the spirit or soul while the perceptible aspect is the physical body; the so-called "action.-reaction" phenomenon.

The trigrams as form waves with six rings are hexagrammatical and thus show their dual nature. In the Yi Jing, they are shown directly as hexagrams, where the lower part represents matter (what is perceptible) and the upper, the subtle information (imperceptible), and not energy as was previously believed. Energy is only the manifestation of the execution of the order received by matter. However, in certain situations the reading can be inverted, and this happens when "what moves the parts" acknowledges (replies) receipt of the order from matter, as confirmed by the appearance of energy. Of the sixty-four hexagrams, 32 are information and 32 have a predominance of matter in reaction, or energy, and so these 32 could be considered energy as matter is obviously nothing but this.

This drawing is only intended to express the idea of the form wave, which is a trigram itself, as the trigrammatic form waves should be represented in a somewhat complicated image presented in four dimensions, and not on a two-dimensional plane as is the case here. In any case, the image would be three-dimensional, existing though the fourth dimension, space-time.


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