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FU XI image as an Atom

The Fu Xi drawing, shows two groups of trigrams set out in a circle positioned orthogonally on the radius, four with Yin predominance (negative polarity) plus four with Yang predominance (positive polarity). The table is based on the description of the atom which, in the form of an analogical drawing, shows the code of creation and the development of the Cosmo-Universe. Reading from the center of the circle to the outside, the Yin phase describes the primitive ULniverse (the Big Crush), the beginning of creation, and the Tang phase describes the Universe currently expanding (the Big Bang).

This equation by Fu Xi presents an analogical quantum energy signal of the elements comprising the atom; following the dynamics of the electromagnetic corollary of the atom in negative phase (four trigrams Yin): neutrinos, protons, electrons and neutrons; and in positive phase: antineutrons, positrons (antielectrons), antiprotons and antineutrinos, as well as its fundamental particles quarks and leptons.


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