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DEFINITON OF WORDS “Quantum Hologramic Bio-Cybernetics”

QUANTUM: Body-hardware, bio-energy.

The Macrocosmos (Cosmos - Atom) and the Microcosmos (Body - Atom) are Quantic systems.

The disturbing aspect of the description of quantum mechanics comes from its basic principle of superimposition of states.

According to this principle, the fundamental particles of an atom may be found at the same time in several places and in a number of different entities. Our body obeys this principle, as manifested through the reflexological phenomenon by which we can find the whole information on our body in any individual part of it; in the auricular pavilions (ears), in the iris, the soles of the feet, hands, inside the nose and in any of the organs. The kidneys, liver, spleen, intestines, lungs, pancreas, etc., also contain a reflexological energetic map of the whole body that shows imbalance in specific areas or in its whole. In this way the organs can relate as a single entity and mutually recognize each other. The reflexological phenomenon exists both in the muscles and the organs, together with all their functions and we also find this information in the radiation that our bodies emit and project in all directions over great distances, which is how the body relates to the vast cosmo-universal surroundings and forms part of it. At the same time, an individual is invaded by a huge amount of radiation of all kinds from this immeasurable space. Living beings subconsciously make use of these two phenomena to identify themselves with the Universal Whole.

During the development of the technique, we were able to establish the relationship between each of the trigrams of the FU XI equation and the scientific description of the fundamental particles (quantums), which are the components of the atom and are essentially conceptualized as a kind of elementary information within the structure of the Universal Whole. This is the reason for using the word Quantum in describing this therapy, as it is probably the only therapeutical technique that truly uses a quantic system to correct the errors of the psychosomatic system. An integral reproduction of the individual.

The theory of quantums as energy: Kalmar, following the idea of Goudot, a disciple of the famous L. de Broglie, who stated that biological events must be studied as energy manifestations that can be brought together within quantum physics, and also basing his ideas on work by Bertrand on the activation of apoenzymes, drew up a theory that may be summarized as follows:
The body's energy, albeit cosmic or however it may be called, comes from without and runs through the body in trains of variable waves (varying by activation of molecules and atoms). The receiver centers of this energy have enzyme-type cells that are labile and can be activated by "cosmic bombing". Later deactivation causes "irradiation": the biological energy, the quantum value of which depends on the initial molecules. This is the so-called "energy of the first differentiation". When it reaches the organs, by the same process, it is transformed into metabolic energy or "energy of the second differentiation". This metabolic energy is characteristic of each organ, where it is an essentially constitutive factor of each energy field; for instance, the acupuncture meridians may be constituted by this quantum energy. In ching, the energy is propagated by chain reaction, like by resonance (the phenomenon is established that Jung called "Synchronicity"), with a speed that varies in accordance with certain parameters. It is from here that we derive the mathematical formulae of the Inn and Yang energies.
In an organ in a pathological state, there will be abnormal quantum "irradiation? along the corresponding meridian (as well as normal quantums). The P.A., centers of sensitive activation, would only vibrate with the abnormal irradiations and, within these irradiations, in a selective manner. In other words, the quantum train will pass through various P.A. without affecting them, but will finally activate a certain P.A. (it could be said that this occurs through a phenomenon of resonance) This point would allow the interception of the wave train, and the quantums would be filtered and selected, thus replacing the pathological radiation with a normal one, which is returned to the organ with its energy corrected.

HOLOGRAMIC: Universal interactive bio-system.

As the ancient Chinese Sages said: "As above as below, as below as above".

The hologram effect.

The information creating the Whole is to be found in its entirety in any point or particle of the Universe, seen from any place and in any direction.

The beating radiation emitted by living beings, which is representative of their particular hologram, also obeys this phenomenon, and the bio-information is both inside and outside and individual, surrounding the being and expanding in all directions.

The quantic form of nature manifests itself as a hologram and both aspects represent the phenomenon of ubiquity.

Our bodies are made up of billions of cells and each of these cells contains the whole information of our entire body. The beating radiation we emit as living beings in the form of bio-information also contains the whole information.

Carl-Gustav Jung referred to this same relational phenomenon when he expressed his idea of the synchronicity between all elements and phenomena of the Cosmo Universe. As he said, “The synchronicity of the Whole is a Hologram effect. The information is revealed at any point.”

In this respect, Nobel Physics Prizewinner Niels Böhr said,

“The Universe has to be an ordered chaos expressing the idea of the Hologram or the Universal Whole, made up of harmonic frequencies manifested in an archetypal manner” (the FU XI and WEN WANG drawings are the archetypal basic structures of the universal frequencies).

This is the reason for the use of the word “Hologramic” in naming the technique.

BIO-CYBERNETIC: Spirit-Mind-Software (the Psyche and Awareness).

The program revealed through the regenerative system, the retroactive mechanism. The Bio-Feedback.
When the QHBC method is applied, the psyche (Software or Spirit-Mind) of a subject’s subtle bio-cybernetic system is activated, and projects its function on the bio-energy system (Hardware, tangible, Matter). In this way both systems, the psyche and the some, initiate and spread their retroactive functions, the bio-feedback and homeostasis respectively. In this way they allow the whole of the individual to enhance its restitutive properties and thereby recover its psychosomatic equilibrium and its compass with the Cosmo Universe, in other words, its health. A bio-system is similar to a computer system based on electronic cybernetics. This is the main reason behind the use of the word "Bio-Cybernetics" in naming this therapeutical technique.




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