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As all other living beings, we emit a subtle, beating radiation which comes and goes, expanding in all directions. This radiation subdivides on two levels. A first, bio-informative level, comes from the area of the cerebellum and is the overall psychosomatic information, or individual hologram, of a person. The radiation or bio-information of the second level is the radiation that comes from each of the parts and aspects making up the body. Every cell, each tissue, and each organ, emits a special radiation that distinguishes it. This second level intrinsically lacks the bio-information of the psychic system, although, being immersed in the system, it does respond to its stimulus.

The radiation of the bio-information is a fractal image made up of form waves, whose binary structure reveals the hologram of an individual, as reflected in the FU XI and WEN WANG equations. The image of a being in four dimensions. Spirit and Mind and their identity with the Cosmo-Universe reflected in themselves.

Each point of this radiation contains the whole image of the individual and, as integral or hologramic information, shows even the smallest, most private details of the psychosomatic system, including awareness, and reveals our state of health. This radiation is emitted as archetypal form waves, and presents the same duality as that which gives structure to the whole Universe (see image of the hologram radiation).


In the same way as a radio receiver recognizes the analogical electromagnetic waves within its range which are emitted by a certain transmitter, our psychosomatic system subconsciously tunes in to signals which may be analogical to its own nature. Likewise, a similar phenomenon causes an interactive symbiosis between the patient and the therapeutical equipment used in QHBC, which comprises the signals or form waves of the analogical bio-information developed from the trigrams of the two equations.


Quantum Hologramic Bio-Cybernetics used in a similar way to a compact disk (CD) player, where the radiation emitted by the psychosomatic system is like the beam of light emitted by the diode of the CD reader. This kind of diode generates a ray of laser light (light in a coherent state without fluctuations or deformations), that hits the surface of the disk and loses its coherent state to become deformed and acquire the form of the information on the surface. When the light bounces it is projected at a light sensitive microphone that reproduces the unevenness (the information) on the surface of the CD.
In a similar way, the subtle radiation that we emit reads the equally subtle analogical bio-information in the modules making up the therapeutical equipment used in QHBC, and returns modified inside our psychosomatic system, where the regenerative mechanism makes a comparison with the collected bio-information in a state of equilibrium and redresses any error. As a result, the bio-software in the area of the cerebellum is stimulated and increases its influence over the comparative-retroactive mechanism in the regenerative system and, guided by the collected analogical bio-information, carries out suitable adjustment.

This phenomenon also occurs when we face a mirror and see ourselves in it. The same comparative-retroactive system is stimulated by ocular perception and checks our image and notes any details that does not conform to certain types of aesthetics, and through our reflex mechanism, we have an immediate tendency to correct such differences.

In both cases, we use our own functions and our own faculties to execute the whole correcting function, a self-reprogramming which, in the case of our health, might be interpreted as an act of self-curing. The patients heal themselves.

As with the example of the mirror or the CD, the elements of the therapeutical equipment used in QHBC do not expressly emit any type of bio-radiation.


The development and use of the analogical bio-information that has given rise to the existence of QHBC, has not only enabled the elements of the complex radiation configured as a symmetrical geometric structure surrounding the individual, to be located and conceptualized, but has also allowed an extraordinary phenomenon to be discovered which had previously remained undiscovered by any kind of scientific research; the so-called Bio-Cybernetic Nucleus of the Hologram (BCNH) and the leaks of information.

From the experience obtained in applying QHBC, the BCNH has to be the primordial element, or the VITAL bio-information pertaining to each living being; the force behind the body structure, which gives life to the structure and impels it to exist. Awareness, soul or spirit. In scientific media similar to neurology and the study of the brain, facts or phenomena have been conceptualized that have been attributed to the cerebellum, such as, for instance, the fact that being in contact with the brain, it regulates and gives precision to muscular movement (will – conscience, and it is also attributed as coordinating equilibrium. In the same way it is said that the cerebellum controls posture. All of this would indicate that this is where conscience should be (see image of the leaks).
Should this element be lacking, an individual’s body stops working and becomes a corpse.

The BCNH appeared when, on applying this system for the first time and using one of the elements making up the therapeutical equipment, a cylinder known as the "Test", containing the analogical bio-information, which always takes a reading along its axis, an unusual signal was discovered in the space surrounding the body of a patient, some 80 cms. above and to the right of the hip. The signal was reflected through one of the pulses in the wrist of the patient, and was a strange phenomenon or element invisible to the eye. To find out what it could be, the signal was stimulated by sweeping with the "Test" in the same way as a radar aerial sweeps space, and as this was done the "signal" moved towards the patient’s head, finally reaching the occipital part of the skull and disappearing inside. At the time, the experience seemed incomprehensible, but the answer to the mystery was immediately forthcoming, when the patient sighed deeply and said "I feel much better!"

The same phenomenon was found in all patients subsequently attended. Around their bodies in the surrounding space there was always a signal, and sometimes more than one, which, when stimulated, returned to the occipital area of the patient, the location of the cerebellum, where they entered the body. In these cases, most patients gave a deep sigh and showed improvement, which would give a scientific nature to the experiment.

This kind of transmigrating signals has, on the return journey to the patient’s head, never moved away from its course or gone towards the cerebral hemispheres or any other place, so the nature of the phenomenon would seem only to be related to the area of the cerebellum.

This continuous experience has allowed us to conclude that the phenomenon is actually a kind of leak of portions of an element that is the bio-cybernetic information, and which is infused in the cerebellum. However, as the element is not the cerebellum itself, it has been called the "Bio-Cybernetic Nucleus of the Hologram."

These leaks of bio-cybernetic information from the BCNH arise because, when some area of the cerebellum is affected by a kind of interference, albeit endogenous, or caused by the body itself, or exogenous, from outside the body, for instance, an emotional problem affecting the body and the nervous system, the part of the BCNH carrying out the informative work in this particular bio-cybernetic and energetic area is unable to control the effects of the interference and inhibits the signal by disassociating it from the nucleus. This causes it to escape to a certain distance outside the individual’s body where it appears in the normal ethereal surroundings constituted by the symmetrical, geometric bio-structure.


The radiation of the BCNH, which is also of beating nature, together with the radiation emitted by the rest of the body, make up the subtle, symmetrical, geometric bio-energy structure. This structure has been described thanks to daily practice applying QHBC over several years, during which time the different elements and aspects making it up have successively been detected. The said elements are configured in this particular form outside the body, probably due to an accumulation of the different wave forms emitted by the BCNH and the rest of the body, which complement each other and form this kind of structure. The phenomenon might be related to the "shadows" or interference resulting from an agglomeration of waves of similar nature, as occurs with the superimposition of the experimented particle wave of the grills developed by the physicist Young, related to the experiment on wave-particle duality carried out by the physicist Louis de Broglie. The phenomenon also appears in music where, depending on the kinds of sounds emitted at the same time, they can sound as one. The fluctuations between "shadows" and "light" (signal or no signal) caused by the interference of the bio-radiation on itself, would give rise to this particular bio-structure.

This curious structure surrounds the whole of an individual and comprises several groups of vector parameters, which means that they are connected to the body and represent a kind of reflexological mechanism. The first group is made up of energy flows that come from the area of the cerebellum and are understood as a kind of bio-energy axis, whose position around the skull provides them with the following names: the Transversal (flowing from both sides of the head at the height of the rear-upper quadrant of the auricula), the Sagittal (flowing from the upper part of the nose, between both eyes and through the occipital area), plus the Vertical stretching upwards above the skull and downwards below the body beyond the feet. Three energy plains are also created in coincidence with these axes as complements. These plains cross the axes and determine the main aspect of the subtle geometric structure, and are given the following names because of their participation in the psychosomatic system: the Structural plain, placed in such a way that it makes a transverse cut throughout the whole length of the individual’s body; the Functional plain, which makes a sagittal cut throughout the whole length of the individual’s body, and; the Mental plain made up of projection of the Transversal and Sagittal axes in space. The mental plain is located at the height of the eyes and makes a sectional cut through the skull at a point below the brain. This structure also reveals eight areas in the spaces left free by the plains around the head of an individual. They are called emotional spheres because of their demonstrated psychic effect, and they are similarly linked to the BCNH. They are kinds of stores, which hold the information of the mental processes that is not assimilated and, among other effects, cause the individual to suffer the phenomenon known as "somatizations", such as behavioral pathologies, cancer, etc. Each of the three plains also contains four diagonal flows also issuing from the area of the cerebellum. All of these elements or aspects of the bio-structure are used as vector parameters to redress the bio-cybernetic energy balance of the patient.

This whole system is constantly vibrating. The plains, as well as projecting themselves far into space, vibrate in a parallel sense and their resonance travels far beyond the body confines of an individual, creating an energy field surrounding the body in the form of an aureole.

“When the results of a test contradict current theory, we must accept
the facts and not the theory.”
- Claude BERNARD -

Definition of the words "parameter" and "vector" according to the Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language published by Dilithium press in 1989.

*Parameter: A constant or variable term in a function that determines the specific form of a function, but not its general nature.

*Vector: A quantity possessing both magnitude and direction, represented by an arrow the direction of which indicates the direction of the quantity and the length of which is proportional to the magnitude.



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