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It would seem that Traditional Chinese Medicine was the first medical science to realize the importance of the pulses in the wrists and their transcendental meaning, and they are used in diagnosis for applying acupuncture.

Today, apart from acupuncture, the phenomenon of the pulses has been used by many students of the theme, like Dr. Paul Nogier, from Lyons (France), founder of Auriculomedicine, who uses the left radial pulse in its positive-negative aspects. This is a signal that Dr. Nogier calls the "Cardiac Auriculo Reflex " (CAR), and defines as "the variance of the stationary wave in the arteries ", using the pulse as a reference for determining the parameters used in diagnosis and treatment in the technique. Later, other therapeutical techniques were developed that included pulse detection in the wrists as a reference. These techniques use the pulses in other ways and give them a different interpretation and conceptualization from that of TCM and Dr. P. Nogier’s pulse. 

Scientifically, there are data that confirm the existence of a form of information circulating around the walls of the blood vessels.
The Spanish scientist José Borrell, a member of the "Senior Council of Scientific Investigation” (CSIC) and the director of the Cajal Institute in Madrid –Spain-, specialised in neurology, when asked in an interview how the neural “geography” could be described, answered: 
- Much more complicated than that of the other systems: for example, a vein, which is a piece of the blood system, transmits nerve molecules around the body at the same time. Its main components or fundamental functional units are the neurones and the glial cells that cover them.
- The Interviewer adds: “...That have speech, or singular electricity.”
- Borrell replies: They transmit the information with extraordinary speed; they save it with memory and learning mechanisms; they are activated by neurotransmitters or neuromodulators, which pass impulses from one cell to another. Their speech or electricity, as you say, reaches the most remote corners of the body, which is why if we are pinched in any place, we feel pain...

This interview, with the title “A total brain transplant is utopia”, was published by the journalist Manuel Torreiglesias, who, when the scientist Borrell refers to a “piece of vein”, generically refers to all the blood vessels, arteries and veins.
This portion of the text of the mentioned interview was transcribed from the monthly journal Muy Interesante no. 136 Page 91-92, 1992.

As Dr. P. Nogier described, arterial congestion occurs in specific areas of the whole circuit of these blood conducts, which might be caused by an accumulation of energy of great bio-informative content, and present the state of the particular hologram of each individual. Such an accumulation of bio-energy would cause an overflow in the area where the arterial congestion takes place and cause the artery to expand. This occurrence would be transmitted in a similar way to the bio-energy exchanges revealed through the acupuncture points. However, the phenomenon of the pulses as bio-information has greater significance in the wrists, and can be interpreted as an expression of the particular hologram of each individual. Here it has been confirmed that the manifestation of the hologramic bio-information is sharper and more homogenous than in the rest of the pulses found throughout the body.

In his research into auriculomedicine, Dr. P. Nogier discovered eight frequencies in either ear, spread around their different areas. Seven of the frequencies occur in the inner ear (the side looking towards the exterior of the skull, through the part where we hear), and the eighth occupies the whole of the surface of the ear on the external side (the part that faces the skull). This frequency coincides with the universal frequency of 1.1 Hz, cardiac kinetics. In this way, both ears maintain an analogy with the number of trigrams making up the two drawings previously described. As a better reference, Dr. Nogier found that the right ear reflects both sides of the body and that the left ear only reflects occurrences on the left side. Similarly we find that the FU XI equation is the universal equation of the two and represents the macrocosmos (the whole), whereas the WEN WANG equation, which benefits from the influence of its predecessor, is the one that represents the microcosmos.

In a similar way as in Traditional Chinese Medicine or Dr. Nogier’s Auriculomedicine, in QHBC, the bio-cybernetician uses the body itself as the only valid informant, and uses the pulses to consult the body on its state, or the predominance and preference of its different energy levels. In this way, therapists make a parametrical analysis that will allow them to carry out the whole therapeutical session: during therapy, the Bio-Cybernetician will make no movements not previously suggested by the synthesis pulse.

Without being able to detect the cardiac rhythmic congestive alterations in the walls of the arteries, we would not be able to find out what is happening in the patient’s hologram, and the whole hologramic bio-cybernetic phenomenon would be imperceptible.

The pulses are not only indicative of the cardiac rhythm, but they also transmit a particular message the language of which, in QHBC, we call "the information of the hologram of the patient". On the one hand, therefore, we have the reference of the cardiac rhythm, and on the other, something entirely different; the bio-cybernetic information of an individual’s hologram. This binary message, the signal of which is accentuated when the pulse is congested, is the basis that allows the Bio-cybernetician to carry out the therapy.

As already mentioned, Quantum Hologramic Bio-Cybernetics uses six pulses in both wrists of the patient, known as the Cubital, Radial and Snuffbox, both in the left and right wrists. These are the same pulses that are used in other techniques, however, the morphological type of the pulse in QHBC and the way it is read are specific to this therapy. The use of the subtle, interactive analogical bio-information causes a genuine response from the pulses that is very different from the response attained by other elements and means in adjusting the psychosomatic system, and in any other therapeutical formula.

Previous examination of the six pulses of the patient will allow the so-called synthesis pulse, or reference pulse, to be determined, and this pulse will be used throughout the therapy. The synthesis pulse may be different on each occasion, and depends on the state and the circumstances of the patient at each session.

The synthesis pulse transmits the information on the degree of harmony or conflict existing between the patient, as a microcosmos, and the Universe, the creator, protector macrocosmos, of which it is a unique part, different from the rest and entirely unrepeatable. This is the identity of the relationship and the importance that it can have on the health of an individual. At the same time, this information shows an individual’s degree of harmony and their matter-spirit duality, on whose reciprocity the psychosomatic equilibrium of patients, and therefore their health, depends.
The pulses are divided into two groups: the first group, in the left wrist, belong to the subconscious; those in the right wrist belong to the conscious.

Each pulse shows an overall image of the patient, and each pulse reveals a predominant aspect of the particular person.




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