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Today, when patients come to the clinic to receive a session of QHBC, they must be treated according to the whole disassociative criterion. The problem of disassociation is not only registered in the description made by the Chinese texts of the basic Chinese concept between spirit and matter with respect to the Cosmo Universe, but today goes far beyond this description.

Surgical operations scars, burns, the navel as a special scar, Zoster herpes, bone fractures, dental interferences, emotional shock, etc. must also be treated as elements disassociated from the psychosomatic system. All of these imperfections affect the equilibrium of the Neuro Vegetative System and, as they disassociate the workings of the various organs and their relationship with the psychic system, cause significant disorders throughout the body.

For this reason, QHBC is applied using three different protocols that contemplate all the aspects and elements in disassociation that might be present in the particular health problem of a sick individual.

The first protocol, using the elements of QHBC, removes the interference set up by all kinds of scars either superficially, including the navel, or internally, as well as scars caused by burns and Zoster herpes. The removal process enables the disassociated element to unify and recover its identity in respect of the psychosomatic system.

There are two areas that can be significantly responsible for destabilizing the Neuro Vegetative System which, just as other disassociated elements, can give rise to serious pathologies from a distance, and these are the scars caused by removal of the adenoids and the whole of the dental structure. The interference caused by these areas is removed in the third protocol.

The same thing occurs in the second protocol, where the interference is removed from the problems that have caused, among other things, blocks in the joints, muscular contractions and the significant pelvic block.

Following this, the third protocol is applied, which acts on an overall psychosomatic level and allows patients to integrally redress their system, to the extent of their own regenerative abilities. This protocol also includes the treatment of the emotional shock.



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