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Overall reprogramming of a sick individual

When the technique is applied, the patient is lying on a couch and is not physically connected to any kind of gadget or receiving any kind of radiation from any machine, or submitted to any process causing upset or aggression. The analogical bio-information contained in the different elements of the therapeutical equipment does not emit any type of radiation as only the radiation emitted by the patients themselves is used. The patient is only in physical contact with the left hand of the bio-cybernetician, who is seated at the head of the couch, which he uses to successively detect the six pulses used in the therapy, using his right hand to manipulate the elements of the therapy.

The third application protocol of QHBC, (annular, which includes the pulse taking in its full context), allows the restitutive activity to operate directly on the bio-cybernetic energy etiological area of the patient, without any classical previous diagnosis being necessary. This is possible because the therapeutical session begins with a bio-cybernetic-energy parametrical analysis through the pulses, the first phase of which determines the synthesis pulse, allowing the second parametrical analysis to be carried out, which is what enables the elements to be placed directly at the six ends of the three axes, occupying the plain that corresponds to the etiological bio-cybernetic energy nature of the problem.

The synthesis pulse in the patient's wrists will provide the bio-cybernetician with all the information needed to correctly apply the QHBC.

During the therapeutical session, the bio-cybernetician will only obey the signals received from the synthesis pulse of the patient and can do nothing on his own as he must respect the indications of the information received from the pulses of the patients as described in the protocol. In this way, the bio-cybernetician may see the amount of disagreement there is between the patient and the referential (coherent state of the code of the holo-information contained in the therapeutical equipment). This will allow the elements to be placed correctly on the axes and in the specific positions in the plains around the patient’s head, so that the patient’s bio-cybernetic system can use its beating radiation to make a special reading of the content of the modules and thus stimulate its self-reprogramming

After situating the "Micro" and "Macro" elements in the correct places, the bio-cybernetician holds a third therapeutical element, the cylinder called "Test", which he successively places in different vectored parameters of subtle symmetrical geometric bio-structure, to read the analogical, interactive bio-information. This stimulation allows patients to organize and correct the errors of their own psychosomatic system in a global or holistic manner without ever being submitted to an energy regulation that might cause them harm. The therapy therefore causes self-redressing which, as it is the patients themselves who carry out the healing function to the extent of their natural ability, can never be harmful (see "the equipment elements").

All of these parameters have been described after long observation and were later broken down, conceptualized and added as essential elements in the therapeutical adjustment.

The nine groups of parameters requiring adjustment are as follows:

Matter aspect - YIN:
1 - Elimination of adenoidal interference. (with or without scars).
2 - The maxilo-mandibular structure. Elimination of dental interference.
3 - All sinuses. Correction of anomalous interferential resonances: Maxillary, Nasal, Sphenoid and Frontal.

Neutral aspect:
Its stimulation increases the comparative and retroactive capacity of the patient, which enhances the performance of the therapeutical session.
4 - The cranial sagittal line.
5 - Stimulation of the cerebral hemispheres
6 - Laterality.

Subtle aspect - Yang:
7 - Redressing the eight emotional spheres.
8 - The diagonal flows of the plains that need stimulation.
9 - Returning the bio-information leaks from the BCNH.

This series is repeated in the four rounds of the third protocol in order to consume all possible readings of the "Micro" and "Macro" modules. For this to happen, the modules change position on each round. In each of the rounds and with each of the parameters, the pulse informs the bio-cybernetician of the amount of recovery taken on by the patient as the session goes on. At the same time, the patient is likely to express a feeling of improvement.

The therapy is usually applied in regular sessions at intervals determined by the bio-cybernetician depending on the state of the patient. Usually, however, the technique is applied in weekly seances which then stretch out to fortnightly sessions, then every three weeks, etc. Should the delicate state of the patient require greater intensity, the technique may be applied more than once a week.




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