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The elements of the therapeutical equipment are powered by no additional energy source; the only energy used is that of the patients themselves.

The equipment comprises five elements (see photographs on the last sheet) that contain the analogical bio-information: three cylinders of 55mm in length by 33mm in diameter and two modules of 50mm x 50mm x 30mm thick. Three rectangular plates of 22cms by 11cms are also used. The eight elements have a total weight of 130 grams. The slightness of this weight will seem striking, but the fact is that they are very light elements containing only the bio-information. In a similar way, a tape or video tape contains information and weighs very little, as there is no directly perceptible difference between a blank tape and one that is full of information. The same example could also be used with CDs or a computer diskette.

Each of the five elements of the therapeutical equipment holds the supports of the analogical bio-information. These supports are transparent acetate where the analogical bio-information has been placed in the form of value structures or holograms in latent state. The subtle, analogical bio-information was previously developed and treated by equipment in a physics laboratory. The laminas are sequentially ordered in degrees or bio-energy states. On the other hand, given the application of the rectangular plates, the various degrees of bio-information have been placed in a single block. The bio-information in the acetate plates is neither consumed not deformed, and remains inalterable with time.

Of the five elements, only three (one cylinder and two modules), plus the three plates, are used to redress the patient. The cylinder known as the "Test", one module called "Macro" (development of the FU XI equation), meaning the bio-information on the macro cosmos (Yang predominance – positive polarity, responding to biochemistry and the structural principles of the formation of the body), and the other module known as "Micro" (development of the WEN WANG equation), which logically refers to the information on the micro cosmos (YIN predominance – negative polarity, which forms the essential structure; a kind of mechanism that captures and confines the spirit-conscience, responding to the information making up a living structure – the organs and their functions). As regards the values of the YIN Microcosmos and the Yang Macrocosmos, there is only a slight reference between them, as the aspects are, at the same time, constituted of values of YIN-Yang in equilibrium. The "Test" cylinder carries both sets of information, the "Macro" and the "Micro", which contain the bio-information their names would indicate, and is representative of the bio-information unit, while the modules represent what is divided. The two remaining cylinders, called "micro" and "macro" are only used to make a parametrical analysis of the patient. Such analysis enables the pulse signals to indicate where the "Micro" and "Macro" modules must be placed in the zones of greatest energy in the symmetrical geometric structure; the axes, where the plains cross. At the same time, the plates will be placed along the spine of the patient in order to remove any parasites (vertebral blocks) that there might be in this area and to allow a better compensation of the cephalorrachideo liquid. Sacro-Occipital equilibrium (see image of equipment).

The five elements come in a convenient case and the plates are kept apart.

As complementary elements for suitably carrying out the therapeutical session and for the comfort both of the bio-cybernetician and the patient during therapy, there are two methacrylate elements; one to be placed at the head of the patient to display the "Micro" and "Macro" elements, which have to be placed in the axes around the head; and the other, an arm rest placed under the left arm of the therapist to hold the patient’s left wrist for taking the pulses. This element has a stand with wheels and rests on the floor.



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