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Quantum Hologramic Bio-Cybernetics is currently used by doctors and therapists in: Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Panama, Honduras, Uruguay, Venezuela, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates.


Courses for Bio-Cyberneticians last seven days.
To register for one of these courses, those interested must contact the School of Bio-Cyberneticians on the E-mail info@qhbiocybernetics.com.

At the beginning of the course, students are given all the elements of the therapeutic equipment as described in the section in this web: "The elements comprising the therapeutic equipment", which includes images of all the elements.
As is described here, the material includes: a case for keeping the five elements essential for applying the therapy (three for the therapy itself and two accessories used in the parametric analysis of the third protocol), plus three plates that are placed at the patient's back, which contain the bio-holo-information. This therapeutic equipment is accompanied by the protocol with all the necessary information and pictures to remind us of the application of the system. This includes information that will help the Bio-Cyberneticians in their work.
Additional, necessary, therapeutic material also includes a structure in transparent methacryllate that is located around the patient's head and serves as a support for placing the elements of the therapy. There is also an arm support for greater comfort when taking the pulses, and another smaller didactic structure to show the subtle parameters to be regulated. These elements are also in methacryllate.

On the first day of the course, an audio-visual introduces students to the ancient oriental foundations on which QHBC is based, and the form in which this therapeutic method has developed in time, all accompanied by its theory and application. In the remaining six days of the course, students will be instructed in applying the technique, which is protocolized in three parts. During the practice, students learn how to take the bio-cybernetic pulses, which is a very simple technique.
The inclusion of the bio-cybernetic energy analysis through the pulses, already mentioned in another aside, the removal of the interference fields of the Neuro Vegetative System, allows treatment to be performed without any need for a classical or traditional diagnosis.
Quantum Hologramic Bio-Cybernetics does not seek to determine a kind of illness in patients, to define symptoms as a form of illness and an ideal pathological conclusion, that is, it does not seek to diagnose and prescribe, but rather directly carries out the overall redressing of the psycho-somatic (bio-cybernetic energy) system by removing the interference of the Neuro Vegetative System, which will allow the patient's balance to be restored. The interfering fields of the N.V.S. are significant of the true etiology of the enormous majority of health problems, emotional alterations may also be treated by this method and allow patients to achieve full balance in their psycho-somatic system.
As is already known (there are not illnesses only ill people), the symptoms are only the manifestation of the imbalance caused by the etiological phenomenon; the emotional circumstances suffered by the patient and the distortion caused by the interfering fields of the N.V.S. or vice versa are the beginning, or root, of the health problems. In this way, in the course there is no need to waste many hours on studying symptomatology, pathophysiology, etc., as this is knowledge that is not needed for the application of this technique.
At the end of the course, students receive a diploma that certifies that they have undertaken all the necessary practice for the application of this technique.

Full documentation of this therapeutic method has been presented to the competent authorities of the nation for evaluation and possible approval as a useful method in benefit of public health.

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